Why an annual mortgage review is key – every year…as in annually.

For all of my clients, our relationship doesn’t end at closing.  I continue to monitor their mortgage and property value so that I can alert them of opportunities.  These include opportunities to remove mortgage insurance, opportunities to consolidate debt , opportunities to pay the loan off quicker.  The list goes on when it comes to the financial opportunities that homeownership presents.

Often, life gets so busy that homeowner’s aren’t always aware of these opportunities and that’s why an annual mortgage review is helpful.  Every year, I offer my current clients this review.  If they take me up on this offer, we have a quick discussion about their current goals and see if anything has changed.  Then I compare the loan they have with refinance options.  This will either make them feel great about what they are already doing or it might open their eyes to a new option – maybe a lower monthly payment, maybe a quicker “freedom point” or maybe the idea to beginning planning for a move.  Again, the options are plenty and vary.

No one’s finances stay the same for 30 years so it’s important to make sure your 30 year mortgage is still working in the best way for you.  For all of my clients who are beginning to plan for the New Year and set their financial goals, this is your reminder to schedule that mortgage review.  Not my client and your current lender doesn’t seem to care as much as I do? No worries, I’m happy to welcome you over to our team – just give me a call.