We offer all loan programs, from VA, FHA and USDA financing to Conventional, Non-Conforming and Alt-A financing. What I specialize in is educating you on all of these options, including different down payment strategies, so that you end up in the right mortgage for you specifically.



Purchasing real estate, especially for the first time, can feel like an overwhelming or intangible goal. Not around here! Regardless of how many steps it will take, we will help you create the right plan to get there.

I’m confident that real estate is the best tool to build wealth, so let me start by educating you on the market and convincing you as well. Then, we’ll get you pre-approved. Then, we’ll look at your big picture to make sure this home purchase is bettering you in the long run.


Sometimes a refinance isn’t just a refinance.

Consider me your debt manager, I’ll help you best handle the largest amount of indebtedness you are likely to ever take on. Then I’m going to help you manage all of your other debts too.

Whether you are looking to shorten your loan term, consolidate your debts, expedite your payoff, reduce your monthly payment or improve your home – let’s see what your property and mortgage could be doing better for you


As your mortgage advisor for life, odds are that at some point you will outgrow your first home and be back in touch with us to strategize your “move-up.” Alternatively, you may be downsizing and looking to divide your real estate investment – for less house and more return.

Either way, when you are making the move and have real estate already – your financing strategy needs to be even more sophisticated and we excel at handling these transactions with many moving parts.



Do you have a unique situation?  Has another bank told you that you don’t qualify for a mortgage?  Are you in need of guidance on anything from your budget to your credit? 

Do you earn income in a less than traditional fashion? Around here, we find ways to close – it’s our job to dive deeper into your file to find a logical and approvable financing strategy…even if everyone else couldn’t.


Financing is complex and you probably have quite a few questions already.

Start here and then let’s get in touch to dive deeper.

How early should I begin the pre-approval process? Will it expire?2019-09-03T06:01:28+00:00

It’s never too early! The longer you have to learn and plan the better. A pre-approval won’t expire, but if your finances change – you need to keep us posted.

Does getting pre-approved hurt my credit?2019-09-03T06:01:28+00:00

When we pull your credit, there may be a slight impact of 2-3 points to your score. When the credit bureaus see that you were applying for a mortgage and didn’t take out new debt – your score normalizes.

I don’t have money for a down payment. Am I S-O-L?2019-09-03T06:01:28+00:00

No way, you should still apply so that we can see what loan programs you qualify for and then you’ll know exactly how much you need to save up. (It’s probably a lot less than you think!)

Is refinancing bad?2019-09-03T06:01:27+00:00

Depends on which bank you do it with. Some banks make refinancing very expensive. You need to look past your monthly savings, at the long term savings to judge if a refinance is really worth it. There are many times it makes a lot of sense.

What if I don’t want to shop at the highest price I qualify for?2019-09-03T06:02:16+00:00

We qualify your income to determine the max mortgage amount you could be approved for. That doesn’t mean it’s the right amount for you to actually borrow. We’ll work backwards from there to find a monthly payment and down payment you feel comfortable with.

I’ve been self-employed less than 2 years. Do I have to wait to purchase?2019-09-03T06:02:41+00:00

Not necessarily, we have several loan programs for self-employed borrowers. Give me a call and we can discuss!

Why work with a direct lender?2019-09-03T06:03:17+00:00

As a direct lender, I can price all of the banks to see who has the best interest rate for you. You would typically need to pay a third-party broker to do this, but since we process, underwrite and fund your loan in house – you save that expense!