Student Loans and Homeownership – Can they coincide?
April 05, 2017  |  

  We know that levels of home ownership rise amongst those with higher levels of education.  However, we also know that as that level of education rises, typically so does the amount of debt required to attain it.  These two trends get interesting when you compare the level of home ownership between college graduates who […]

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Buy Downs are a Buyer’s Secret Weapon
March 15, 2017  |  

As we head into the busiest home-buying season, Reno buyers may be looking for any advice they can get to come out ahead in the negotiations.  We know interest rates are on the rise – buyers will pay $57 more per month for their mortgage than they would have by locking this time last year.  […]

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What happens when the Sky Falls?
February 28, 2017  |  

Mike Kazmierski’s opinion piece,”Reno’s Housing Sky is Falling,” received quite of bit of attention last week.   He brilliantly pointed out that these rising home prices in our area are not due to a bubble, but a direct result of the immense job growth we’ve seen – coupled with an inadequate amount of new housing.  At […]

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Well Qualified and Financially Savvy? Getting a mortgage might be harder for you.
February 14, 2017  |  

I have a joke I like to make that a McDonald’s employee will have an easier time getting a mortgage than a real estate investor purchasing his seventh property.  That may not make sense to most – but a lot of what we do as mortgage professionals involves explaining why 1 + 1 might look […]

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Move Up Buyers
February 07, 2017  |  

What you need to know about stepping into the jumbo market… Here in Reno, we are seeing quite a few buyers getting ready to make their second home purchase.  These are the clients we tend to call the “move-up buyer”.  Their first house was quaint, cozy and a solid investment.  They spent a few years […]

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Self Employed and Buying in 2017?
February 02, 2017  |  

We are in that sweet spot of the year for self-employed borrowers – especially if buying a new home is one of their goals for 2017.  For those who own their business or work independently as a 1099 employee, taxes are little more complicated than the average W2 employee.  There are typically quite a few […]

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New President Retracts MI Cut – How Will It Impact Reno Buyers?
January 25, 2017  |  

Within hours of his inauguration last Friday, President Trump signed an executive order suspending a planned mortgage insurance cut for FHA homebuyers.  If you’re looking into buying a home here in Northern Nevada and are unsure of how this affects you – let’s back up a few steps to the beginning. First of all, what […]

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Did You Miss The Boat on Buying a Home?
January 19, 2017  |  

Over the weekend a good friend asked me if I would buy right now, knowing what I do about the market.  He currently owns his home and has plenty of equity he could use as a down payment on a bigger home.  His concern, like many others in the market right now, was that homes […]

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An LO’s Guide to Choosing a Realtor
January 11, 2017  |  

From someone in the real estate industry here in Reno – the term real estate “professional” gets thrown around lightly sometimes.  That may sound harsh but I just typed Reno into an MLS search for a realtor and got almost 2,000 results.  It’d be nice to think that all of those were market savvy, full-time […]

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Reno’s Growth Equals Opportunity for Locals
January 06, 2017  |  

RGJ’s recent article – 7 developments to Reno’s urban core that will matter – sparked a lot of interest in our rapidly growing city.  For good reason too, so if you missed it, I would recommend the read.  The rapid growth in Reno is exciting not just because of the numbers but because of the […]

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