Mortgage Insurance – How do I get rid of it?!
February 18, 2019  |  

Are you familiar with mortgage insurance and how it works? When a borrower puts less than 20% down on a home purchase, the bank requires mortgage insurance to be included in their monthly payment.  This insures the bank against the risk of you defaulting on your mortgage.  In a sense, since you have a less […]

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Who’s got it better – W2 Wage Earners or Self-Employed Borrowers?
February 11, 2019  |  

I recently had a conversation with a self-employed borrower who felt like the mortgage qualification gods were out to get him.  We often hear from business owners that the income guidelines for mortgages seem stacked against them.  The statement I hear the most is: “There is no guarantee that a regular employee won’t lose their […]

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Did you know a seller can pay off a buyer’s debts to qualify them for the loan?
February 05, 2019  |  

That was a click-bait headline. Before you stop reading – it is true, for VA loans. Our current market has softened a bit, which is putting sellers and buyers in a unique situation. We have quite a few sellers who have identified their next home, are in contract to purchase it….subject to selling their home. […]

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Reno – a formerly Boom or Bust kind of place.
January 29, 2019  |  

I try to seek out intellectual conversation – it’s a nice break from the sales talk or social media scrolling or never-ending onburst of less- than- breaking news about our elected officials’ inability to fulfill their job requirements. Lately my favorite question to ask locals is: do you think our local economy will fair better […]

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“Move Up Buyers” – Making the largest down payment will keep your expenses the lowest right? Wrong!
January 21, 2019  |  

A move-up buyer is just as the name describes – someone who owns their home currently and wants to sell it to buy something bigger or better.  Many move-up buyers plan to use all of the proceeds from the sale of their current home towards the down payment on their new home.  The goal is […]

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Head to YouTube for more!
January 09, 2019  |  

I’m finally getting around to linking my YouTube Channel to my blog.  You can head there for more on the Reno Market and Mortgage News.   Shivani Peterson Mortgage Lender on YouTube

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Why is my Pre-Approval process different?
December 21, 2018  |  

During the past 31 years, which may or may not be my entire life, Reno has undergone quite the transformation.  It has been really exciting, especially in the last 8-10 years to see all of the growth and the culture that has resulted from it.  This is what makes new buyer leads so exciting for […]

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Don’t Wait until January to tackle your Financial Goals.
November 26, 2018  |  

Why an annual mortgage review is key – every year…as in annually. For all of my clients, our relationship doesn’t end at closing.  I continue to monitor their mortgage and property value so that I can alert them of opportunities.  These include opportunities to remove mortgage insurance, opportunities to consolidate debt , opportunities to pay […]

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3 Questions More Important than Rate
October 26, 2018  |  

Often, clients begin their first conversation with a lender by asking about interest rates and fees.  Important questions to consider on a purchase as substantial as real estate but in fact, those are not the most important questions.  After years of behind-the-scenes experience in the mortgage industry and specifically seeing first-hand how many things can […]

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Is your house your key to debt relief?
April 10, 2017  |  

Everyone is talking about home prices going up – but what does that mean for you if you already bought your home 3-4 years ago?  First it means you’re lucky and/or a smart cookie.  It also means you’re probably sitting on quite a bit of equity.  Home values increased 7% between February 2016 and February […]

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